Zika virus i MPO

Prema obavijesti i sugestiji od strane Ministarstva zdravstva, uzeti u obzir da li je neki od partnera boravio u područjima koji su zahvaćeni virusom Zika. Više ovdje.

Izvještaj o IV. kongresu Hrvatskog društva kliničkih embriologa s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem

Od 07. do 10. rujna 2017. god. na Brijunima je u sklopu I. međunarodnog brijunskog kongresa o humanoj reprodukciji i XI. hrvatskog kongresa o ginekološkoj endokrinologiji, humanoj reprodukciji i menopauzi održan IV. kongres Hrvatskog društva kliničkih embriologa s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem

Opširnije:Izvještaj o IV. kongresu Hrvatskog društva kliničkih embriologa s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem

ASRM standard embryo transfer protocol template: a committee opinion

Standardization improves performance and safety. A template for standardizing the embryo transfer procedure is presented here with 12 basic steps supported by published scientific literature and a survey of common practice of SART programs; it can be used by ART practices to model their own standard protocol. More here.

Sex and gender: you should know the difference

Embryos do not have a ‘‘gender’’; rather, they have a ‘‘sex.’’ Gender refers to social and cultural distinctions between sexes, not biological ones. An embryo's ‘‘maleness’’ or ‘‘femaleness’’ should therefore be defined by its biological sex (i.e., sex chromosome pair). Više OVDJE.

Sperm in space produce healthy mouse pups on Earth

Cosmic radiation on the ISS is about 100 times greater than that on Earth, and increased radiation exposure is known to increase DNA damage in somatic and gamete cells. Once returned to Earth, the mouse sperm were compared with the control samples and assessed for damage; this included analysing their morphology, DNA, their ability to be used in fertilisation techniques, the in vitro development of subsequent embryos produced, and the normality of their offspring. More here.

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