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Objavio: Hdke, 15. veljače 2019.

5th Workshop of Croatian Society of Clinical Embryologists in collaboration with VITROLIFE


Who should participate?

The workshop is aimed at experienced embryologists who are interested in learning more about vitrification, time-lapse, laser and laboratory monitoring technologies. The focus is on the use of:

- Rapid-i vitrification system and RapidVit/Warm OMNI media
- Time-lapse for optimal incubation, as the best evaluation tool for embryo selection and for optimizing the workflow in the laboratory (EmbryoScope and PrimoVision).
- OCTAX Navilase, as a safe tool for embryo biopsy
- OCTAX Log&Guard, as a professional laboratory monitoring system

Register for the workshop by contacting the organizer company as soon as possible (contact: Maja Orsag, e-mail: maja@contres.hr)

More HERE. Download .pdf.